It seems every year I say those 4 little words.  Do they really mean anything?  It seems I always start out with the best of intentions, but somewhere along the way, sometimes only a week into the new year, I fall flat on my face and a resolution or two (or 3 or 4) go out the door to wait until next January.  Who am I kidding – sometimes it only takes a few days!  It can be a vicious cycle, and one that needs to be broken.

This year, my husband decided that we should make resolutions for ourselves that we could keep.  I was a bit skeptical, because I could only imagine how this would turn out. I didn’t want to write up anything silly – I wanted to actually have a list that made sense, instead of something like “I will get 3 hours of sleep each night.”  We each wrote resolutions for ourselves, then agreed to let each other see and change them a bit, if necessary.

My husband wrote his first.  He handed them to me, and I had to chuckle when I read them:

  1. I’ll have sex more often.

(Ok, I’ll grant, that’s a great resolution.  As long as he means with me, that is!)

  1. I’ll exercise more by doing #1.

(Well, that makes perfect sense to me!  I figure it’s a way to exercise that he should be able to stick with all year).

  1. I’ll watch at least 1 football game a week with a beer or two.

(This really made me laugh.  We actually have the NFL channel, so he can watch a rerun of the Vikings and Packers game from 1972 in all its glory.)

  1. Sex, beer, football.  No other resolutions needed.

(Ok.  I suppose so.)
I have to admit that after looking his over, I thought they were definitely ones he could keep, and probably easily.  Maybe a bit too easily.  I told him we should make 5 each, and I’d be happy to add his fifth one:

  1. I will help do more product testing.

He raised his eyes at that one.  He has been more than helpful, really, but I’d love for him to wake up in the middle of the night, realize I’m not dead to the world next to him, and come down and help with a product test or two.  He did agree, but then he had that look in his eye that said I might need an addition or two to my list.

He held out his hand, and I handed him the list I had, after quite a bit of (and probably too much) thought come up with:

  1. I will eat healthier this year.

Every year I say this, and every year I miserably fail.  This year, I will forego fast food and stick to the eating plan that I know works for me and makes me happy and satisfied.  I’ll even try to cook a few times a week and alternate more with my husband.   I’ll forego junk at the store and get the whole family in on the plan.

  1. I will exercise.

The past year, between running  2 kids to a combined 7-8 activities a week, working 60+ hours a week, and keeping up the house on my “spare” time, I’ve neglected to get any exercise in.  At all.  I will plan out my schedule and attempt a program that I can look forward to and stick with.

  1. I’ll have more sex.

I’m horny as hell all the time, and if I am I’m going to take care of it, preferably with my husband.  If it’s late and he’s in bed, I’ll go and attempt to wake him up so he can have fun and participate too.  Or not.

  1. I will get better organized.

I have to be the most disorganized person I know.  Well, that’s not really true.  I have organized chaos.  I can find things that no one else can in my rather mad system and can locate items in places no one else dares to go.  But it’s a bit out of hand, and if I can organize better, things will be much smoother.
My husband just shook his head.  “You know, these are the same resolutions, almost, that you come up with every year.  And you never keep them,” he said.

I thought about that.  I thought they were different, but on reflection, he was right.  I always aim to eat healthier, lose weight, exercise, and get better organized.  I couldn’t honestly remember resolving to have more sex, though, and I told him this.

“Well, yes, that is true,” he said, “but the others are the same.  I know you’ll keep the third one, because I’ll help you with that, but the others?  Same resolutions, different year.  Plus, you need a fifth one.”

Oops – I had forgotten about that.  He scrawled his contribution to my list and handed it back.   His contribution to my list?

  1. Wear more lingerie and collars.  Since you have the shoes, you should get the outfits to go with them.

I giggled.  I looked at my husband, and he started to chuckle as well.  Soon we were both laughing so hard, and my sides were hurting.   I do have an awful lot of shoes, but not that many.  Well, not that many in my eyes.  My husband thinks I’m a bit obsessed with them.  But I certainly would love to have more lingerie, and coordinating collars, to go with all my shoes!

Finally, we stopped laughing.  “Good lists?” he asked me.

“Good lists,” I said.

“Can we keep our resolutions this year?”

“I’m sure we can.  You help me keep mine, and I’ll help you keep yours.  Deal?”

“Deal,” he said, and we kissed.

As we come to New Year’s Eve in just a few days, I’m hoping that we can.  While our resolutions aren’t world changing, they will, for both of us, be good things if we can hold ourselves to them.   I suspect my husband’s resolutions will be a lot easier to keep, but with a little help I think I can stick to mine this year as well. Here’s to a happy and successful New Year!

  • Nume

    I hope you two are able to keep them.

    Great story!

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