So there I was, tied and blindfolded on a table in a transsexual’s basement somewhere in a small Kansas town, filled with a panic-stricken anticipation as she slowly slid a stainless-steel rod inside my cock.

My Mistress and I had just had dinner with some friends. We had enjoyed their “playroom” before, and I was a huge fan of the large, padded St. Andrew’s Cross that our hostess owned. After dessert, I was told to get undressed and to go downstairs.

I didn’t know beforehand what was going to happen, but I had always felt absolutely safe in my Mistress’s hands, so I had no real apprehension. She told me to lie down on a massage table, and she bound my wrists and ankles. Then came the blindfold.

We had talked before about sounding. She knew that I was frightened about what was going to come next. She also knew that I trusted her, and she understood my responses almost intuitively. Even more importantly, she knew how much I wanted to have my limits tested.

I knew exactly what was going to happen the instant I heard the zipper on the sounding kit. At that point, I had no choice but to safeword out, and I really hated doing that.

Urethral sounding, which originated as a medical procedure, has emerged as a trendy activity within the BDSM lifestyle. Sounding involves taking a long, thin-ish metal rod roughly 12 inches in length, applying ample lube (please!), and sliding it inside the urethra.

For medical purposes, urethral sounding is essentially a plumbing procedure to stretch or unblock a clogged pipe. For kinky purposes, urethral play offers a unique mix of pleasure and overcoming intimidation.

If you’re a guy, the idea of sounding is absolutely cringe-worthy. I have never encountered another fellow who was gung-ho over the thought right out of the gate. The immediate thought is, Dear God, you want to put what into my what?!?

If you’re a woman, then the idea of sounding your partner likely is either sickened at the notion, or aflutter at the thought.

I have attended multiple sounding “demonstrations” at BDSM events, and the audible gasps and groans from the men in the audience is hysterical. Male dominants, in particular, tend to express a substantial level of repulsion at the thought. But then again, dominants often are the biggest wimps in the world when it comes to pain or discomfort being inflicted on them.

Female dominants at these demos, on the other hand, tend to become excited and lively, cackling to each other about how much they cannot wait to try it out on their boys.

For the male submissive, there’s not a lot of choice in the matter. If you trust your Domme and know she will be careful and cautious, then honestly, it’s a great excuse to have your lady play with your cock. And does the man exist who doesn’t enjoy having his cock played with?

So what does sounding feel like?

At the first demo I attended, the Soundee described it as feeling like he was being fucked from the inside with the intensity growing as progressively larger sounds were inserted. The Sounder, an experienced and amusingly sadistic female Domme, expressed the importance of lubricating and showed how the rods – again, nearly a foot in length – could disappear entirely inside his cock.

She then bent his cock down toward his legs, and the sound became almost like a yo-yo, sliding in and out on its own as she shifted his cock back and forth.

She then made an important addition to the play – the use of a small vibrator. With the sound inside, the vibrations travel throughout your cock. The vibrator is placed on the perineum which brings the pleasure to the prostate. She also used a tuning fork on the sound which delivered similar results, but brought an added coolness to her performance.

Lying there in that basement, I was scared. I didn’t know what to expect exactly, but I also was determined to stare down that fear. The disconnect between my rational brain and my visceral emotional response had me on edge. I knew it wouldn’t hurt, and yet my brain was telling me, Run boy, run, don’t you know what she’s about to do to you?

Then she slid the first sound inside me. I was shocked when I felt there was no pain at all. Nothing. I stopped holding my breath, and my fear drifted away.

I enjoyed the feeling of strange hands on my hard cock, and having my body be the center of attention for the half-dozen at the dinner party.

I can only imagine the agony that an improperly lubed sound would illicit, but with the help of lube the sounds simply slid in easily with no help, just gravity. The feeling of the smaller rods was in some ways almost imperceptible, except for the absolute sensation that I was peeing all over myself.

I wasn’t, of course, but the sensation was much like the near ecstatic pleasure of taking a piss after you’ve been drinking, and your bladder is overfull to the point of nearly wetting your own pants. The widening of my urethra mirrors this for me.

I felt that rush of relief that causes you to exhale and nearly collapse when it finally comes. My body was awash with that feeling, and I absolutely enjoyed every minute of it.

I was disappointed that I didn’t have sense of being fucked from the inside. I’ve heard from others that that’s an exaggeration, but for all of us, our mileage will vary.

But the vibrations, oh the vibrations.

No man will ever really know the feeling a woman gets from a well-placed vibrator, but I have to believe sounding might get him into the same ballpark.

She placed the vibrator on the tip of the sound, and the vibrations carried down the length of the sound. She ran the vibrator along the shaft of my cock, and the strength of the vibrations was amplified by the sound.

The overwhelming sense of peeing all over myself, and the natural alarm that caused, kept me from ever feeling truly relaxed during my sounding experience. As a result, I was never really able to just settle in and let go.

Maybe more practice would let that fade, and the overall experience was more than positive enough for me to want to do it again. I can only imagine the pleasures of it would increase the more comfortable you become with the experience, and the less switched on your mind is.

Some men can achieve orgasm through sounding. Allegedly the force will cause the sound to shoot out like a projectile, though I’ve not seen this, and I’m not sure I could reach orgasm this way myself.

A few words of caution for those performing the sounding: never lose site of the fact that sounding involves inserting something where nothing was ever meant to go. Lube isn’t an option here. It’s mandatory.

Improper sounding can do damage. If you run into any resistance, stop immediately and back it out. One man I know says that masturbating enough to produce pre-cum helps to lubricate the inside of his urethra, though he and his mistress do still use additional lube, as well. Start small, don’t force anything, and let gravity do all the work for you.

Sounding kits come with several different sized sounds, and you can always work your way up. Also, be sure to clean the sounds well with alcohol first, unless you want to get an infection in there. Some also say that it is easier to insert the sounds, at least initially, before cock becomes erect. We didn’t experience any problems, and honestly, it wasn’t an option.

So fellas, man up. Close your eyes and bite your lower lip if you must, but overcoming your fear of sounding will only make you stronger.

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