World AIDS Day is December 1st.  Each year EdenFantasys, SexIs Magazine and EdenCafe support World AIDS Day all week long with articles, posts, fundraising and activism.

This year we did quite a bit of fundraising to benefit ASC NYC.  Not only did we do a Twitter-thon — where our goal was to raise $1000 by getting 1000 tweets in support of World AIDS Day and AIDS Service Center NYC — but we teamed up with WET and Evolved Novelties, as well.  Each company donated a portion of sales through the week to our cause.

What a success!  EdenFantasys is matching the astounding number of tweets and is donating $1000 while WET and Evolved have raised a combined donation of $700.  That’s $1700 in total donated to ASC.  After 20 years of working for positive change in AIDS and HIV advocacy they deserve it!

On top of the fundraising, which is always the highlight, we at EdenFantasys once again joined together and made a video collage to show our support of this very worthy cause.  If you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, please take a minute.  It’s nothing fancy but it definitely tugs the heart strings to see a staff who are so caring and supportive.

As always, we had a full week of content by the community, for the community, here on EdenCafe.  If you missed them last week, the articles can all be found below.  And don’t forget to stop by SexIs, where the World AIDS Project includes pieces from some of your favorite authors and a very heartfelt letter from the Editor.

Thank you, everyone, who took the time to post your message on twitter last week.  And thank you, staff, who took the time to submit a photo or a video to show your support.  And thank you, WET and Evolved, for your generous donations.  But most of all, thank you to AIDS Service Center NYC — for being there not just during World AIDS day but every day for those who need it most.


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