America is virtually unique amongst the western world, in that almost all infant boys in this country are circumcised at birth – and although that trend is dropping sharply, it still means about 79% of sexually active American men are currently ‘cut.’

This can present an alarming surprise to American girls and guys when they finally find themselves presented with an uncircumcised cock! Whether you’ve hooked up with a foreign exchange student, or just encountered one of the minority of uncut Americans, facing an intact penis for the first time can be genuinely disorientating!

And while it’s true that uncircumcised penises look very different to their cut brethren, and many untruths about uncut cocks remain common (like that they’re less hygienic than a circumcised penises) they’re nothing to be afraid of.

Don’t believe any of the negative rumors; an uncircumcised penis is essentially the same as a circumcised one; although there are a few pointers it might be worth knowing before you ‘tackle’ one:

Get a Grip: One of the advantages of an uncircumcised penis is that the foreskin acts as a built-in masturbation sleeve, so take advantage! Giving a hand-job to a cut cock normally requires some kind of lube to avoid chafing, but the foreskin self-lubricates and can be pulled back and forth over the head to deliver mind-blowing pleasure to the lucky recipient without any prior planning.

Twisted Tongues: There are some titillating tricks you can perform on an uncircumcised cock to really blow a guy’s mind. When you’re giving a guy head, for example, try slipping your tongue between his foreskin and glans and swirling it around the head of his cock. That’s guaranteed to elicit a favorable response!

Cover Up: The foreskin evolved for two purposes; to protect the sensitive glans of the penis, and to aid penetration. With vaginal sex, the foreskin rolls back on entry, almost like a ‘penis applicator,’ making penetration much easier; especially without lube. While this is great for unprotected sex, however, it does present some challenges when wearing condoms. It’s important to roll back the foreskin completely before putting on a condom; and applying a layer of water-based lube before the layer of latex. This helps the condom stay secure (and increases overall sensation.)

Lean and Clean: It’s simply not true that an uncircumcised penis is less hygienic than a cut cock. Pulling back the foreskin and washing the head of the penis daily is a ritual most uncircumcised men are used to, and that cleanly removes the oils and shed skin cells that might have otherwise been trapped underneath. Baby wipes are ideal for this; many uncircumcised men keep a box by the toilet tissue.

Aftercare: After unprotected sex, it’s recommended that an uncircumcised man cleans underneath his foreskin with baby wipes or water, as the foreskin can otherwise trap bacteria or bodily fluids, increasing the chances of irritation later on. The same is true for circumcised guys; but it’s definitely more of an issue with intact penises.

When comparing the difference between ‘cut’ or ‘uncut’, many men and women have their own preferences. Some say circumcised cocks are more aesthetic, while many report that an uncircumcised cock feels more pleasurable and natural.

It there’s one thing that almost everybody can agree on, however, it’s that the similarities vastly outweigh the differences. All cocks are hard in the dark.

What’s more important than any of the other points I’ve made is that no man should be defined by his cock. The vast majority of circumcisions are performed at birth; with the recipient having no choice in the matter. Therefore, any sexual responsible adult should avoid making the owner of a cock feel self-conscious about the choice his parents made for him all those years ago.

  • Fleshvine

    Before I met my boyfriend, I had only been with one uncircumcised man, and only twice. I was fascinated with his foreskin, but didn’t get a chance to really spend time with it.

    Now that I’m with my boyfriend, I LOVE his uncut cock. There’s something so sexy about the skin rolling back to expose the shiny head of his penis. It’s visually very exciting, and I know that the sensation is better for him.

    Cleanliness isn’t a problem either. I’ve never noticed any dirt or scent that you wouldn’t see or smell on any other man.

    I now have a strong preference for uncut cock!

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    • Uncle Monk

      I always smile at the people that gush on about the merits of ‘sink or no skin’. I wonder how many are really able to talk about both sides of this story.

      I was a premature baby who was born a couple of months early. I wasn’t expected to live…. but I made it. My parents didn’t talk about it, but I was not circumsised. I suspect that no one wanted to perform a medical procedure on a three pounder who was in distress. I made it though!

      I was never comfortable with my foreskin. It wasn’t that I was different. It was uncomfortable retracted after sex. I was a virgin when I married, so I had few woman who tainted my thoughts. I don’t remember any guy issues about being different.

      In my 50′s, I had been married twice, had been sexual with a dozen woman, had a high libido and life was grand. I suffered alone with not being circumsised and being uncomfortable with the skin retracted. No woman ever complained. Both wives disliked giving BJ’s, neither complained about sex. I disliked BJ’s anyway.

      That all changed at 54! I needed a small exploratory operation for a loose pea-sized mass in my testicle. The urologist asked about my foreskin! Was it comfortable? Did it retract easily? His response was that he could easily fix ‘that’.

      The next week during the exploratory(which was negative for anything bad!) he did the deed. I went home with a bandaged penis, some stitches and a few ounces lighter. The post-op instructions were no erection for two weeks…. no sex either solo or partnered! I held out for a week, but the curiosity got the best of me. It still worked!

      I had thought that I would never be comfortable with the head exposed all of the time. But no, all was fine when the bandages came off. I did have an unscheduled visit to the ER when I started to bleed 5 days after the operation. I envisioned it not healing right, but the ER doc didn’t know what to do with it, so we just stopped the bleeding after a 4 hour wait in the waiting room on a busy Saturday, and I went home. I truly was not an emergency for anyone except for me. It seemed like even the hypochondriacs were taken before me.

      Today, I am VERY happy I had the job done. I divorced since the procedure and remarried last year. It was a dull almost sexless marriage, and my renewed sexuality and confidence hastened the demise.

      At 63, I spent 8 years searching for the right life partner. I dated more than ever, and had more sex that any 5 guys my age. I love all kinds of sexual activities. Oral is high on my lists of loves now.

      I don’t regret that the operation. The foreskin proponents have an enticing argument about being natural, but that isn’t MY experience. I’ll take the the cut route anytime.

      As far as my wife goes, she’s happy with the attention and loving, and would agree with all of what I’ve said!

  • The Beautiful Kind

    Uncle Monk – thanks for sharing your unique perspective on this issue! I don’t have a dick, but I’ve played with hundreds. Only 20 or so have been uncut. I wonder how many sexual dysfunction issues in men are due to being circumcised. If I had a son I would not cut him. I think men should decide for themselves when they are older.

    Fantastic post, Champagne and Benzedrine – thank you! I wrote about this topic as well; the comments are better than the post:
    .-= The Beautiful Kind´s last blog ..You Are The Beautiful Kind: Shanna Katz/Essin’ Em =-.

    • Uncle Monk

      TBK, Thanks for your thoughts. I don’t know what sexual dysfunctions circumcision would spawn. Playing with hundreds gives you a unique perspective, but I bet a majority of women would prefer cut men. As far as the decision to cut a son, I don’t give my parents any points for not doing the deed! I had no forum to make my decision until a UR doc suggested it.

      I do wonder about the head being too desensitized because it was always exposed on a circumcised man, but that is precisely why I didn’t like BJ’s until my mid 50′s. AS far as masturbating, self-lubing with a foreskin is a feature, but I am a J&J stockholder now(makers of Vaseline!).

      Lastly, I have a new wife who would dislike my cock if it was intact, and a couple of ex-wives who don’t care or like me anyway!.

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