I’m surprised at how much I enjoy going back to the hair salon. I’ve been back quite a few times already in the past couple months. It’s actually really interesting in itself. Getting your hair done is something that we don’t normally consider intimate, but when you think about it, the entire idea of getting your hair done is extremely intimate.

For one, we trust the hairdresser with the next few future months of our lives. After all, if they give us a great haircut, we can look amazing for the next couple months. If we get a horrible haircut, we can end up looking horrible for the next couple months. We don’t usually put such an important task on a person, so even getting your hair cut can be an act that has to require some intimacy and some trust of another person you may not even know. We have to trust that someone is going to make us look nice – even if we don’t know the work that they’ve done in the past.

There’s really something sensual about having someone else shampoo your hair. This is something I’d have the boyfriend do on a regular basis, but unfortunately, our house is just not equipped with a place where it would be comfortable to give or receive a hair shampoo. (I should consider purchasing one when I get “rich”, right?) There’s also something so intimate and relaxing about having someone take over a task that is one of those tasks that you’ve been doing for your entire life. During sex, we don’t think to treat the scalp as an erogenous zone, but really, no one besides yourself ever touches your scalp. So I think it’s one of those places where having another human’s touch can be amazingly erotic. It’s not so much a turn-on, as it is relaxing. It’s like having one of those full-body massages.

The price of your visit can vary upon where you go. There’s a place across the street where I love to go in and get my hair shampooed. It’s less than eight dollars there. Other places can cost a whole lot more. Regardless, this can be a less expensive habit than going and getting a coffee daily or getting a regular manicure. It’s my own little habit that I love.

I ended up going back to my hair salon more than I had been in the past. In the past, I rarely had my hair cut. Now I’ve gone a couple times in the last six months, and I’m planning on going back even more. It’s almost like a spa visit. I don’t know if I want my hair cut, but I definitely would enjoy having my hair washed again. And again. It’s probably like my version of having a manicure. It makes my hair light and fluffy, and it’s just plain stress-relieving. I have a feeling I’ll be going back to the salon whenever I have a bad day. Having someone shampoo and clean your hair is just one of the best pick-me-ups.

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