The month of December is a very busy month for me and my family, with so many activities relating to Christmas. It begins on the first Saturday of the month, which is the annual Christmas parade. For years, we were in the parade, either for me, my sister, or my brother. I’ve been in the float for baton class, gymnastics (with my sister), girl scouts, boy scouts (with my brother), basketball, and church activities.

This meant we were actually busy in November, helping to prepare the float we would ride on throughout the parade. The past few years, however, my siblings and I haven’t really been involved in anything, and the church we attend hasn’t been involved either. We still enjoy going to watch the parade as it comes through town.

Our extended family Christmas dinner on my mom’s side is always on the second Saturday in December. This involves going to my aunt’s to see about 50 family members, some of which I only see at Easter, Thanksgiving, and/or Christmas. My sister and I generally volunteer to help my aunt set everything up, so we are down there practically all day.

The week of Christmas is even more busy/hectic. December 23 is the annual date for my step-dad’s family Christmas dinner. That involves driving almost an hour north in order to eat and spend time with that family. Luckily, I’m not asked to help out with this one as much, so I am free to arrive and leave whenever I want.

Christmas Eve is the dinner for my mom’s immediate family. This involves my grandmother, mom and her family, and aunt and her family. Again, I’m usually roped into helping with this one, so the day is spent cooking, setting up, and cleaning up afterward. We usually make it home just in time to pass out before Christmas morning.

That morning is spent at my parent’s house. It used to be the time that we did “Santa” but now the past few years, it’s just been my parents and siblings exchanging gifts. I assume we will revert back to Santa in the next year or two for my son’s sake. Breakfast is eaten at my parent’s house, followed by lunch with some of my step-dad’s family.

And of course, you can’t forget the after-Christmas returns and shopping that occur the following day. Why we don’t wait until the middle of January to return gifts is beyond me. We do manage to land some great deals as far as the shopping is concerned.

As you can see, my December’s are always so busy and hectic. This doesn’t include all of the Christmas shopping I do throughout the month…including the last minute shopping my sister and I do for my step-dad. He’s only in charge of getting the gifts for my mom’s stocking, but he waits until at least the 23rd to ask us to go get them for him. It also doesn’t include the Christmas luncheon I usually have to make something for at my husband’s work, the wrapping of all the gifts I have bought, or the decoration of our home for Christmas.

It so much fun to spend time with family, sing Christmas songs, and have good dinners during the month of December. However, by the time Christmas is here, I just want it to be January so I can relax!!

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