Whenever the word silk is mentioned, images of elegance, sensuality, texture and a hint of naughtiness comes to mind. Personally I can not fathom a more appropriate alias for the legendary adult model, starlet and director Alexandra Silk. Absolutely stunning and the epitome of all that is erotic truly there is no wonder as to how this Long Island born beauty has accumulated over 400 xxx  plus titles to her resume.

With passion, sincerity and integrity, it is only natural multi-talents would progress into mainstream work for publications such as Playboy, Maxim and Vogue.The frisky Baliff Silk on Playboy T.V.’s sitcom Sex Court was endearing to fans devoted and new.

Donning the director’s hat we’ve been graced with such classics as Silk Ties, Silk Stockings and Silk Panties while broadening every xxx connoisseur’s horizon from a female perspective. With a career spanning over fifteen years strong, multiple AVN and XRCO awards mere words cannot express the exquisite dream and pleasure it is to have you join me today.

Part 2.

DG: First female, then male who are your favourite performers? Are there any who you have not performed with that you have a desire to do so?

AS: Yeeaaaaaah, Jessica Drake. I love her, she’s my favourite.

DG: A lot of great feedback on her, yes.

AS: And this new girl Lupe Fuentes.

DG: Oh yeah. Ok

AS: She’s this little snack sized dynamo.

DG: Four foot ten or something like that; Latina girl right?

AS: Uh-huh. Let’s see, any guys? Hmmm trying to think; let me see…there are lots of new guys coming in the business.

DG: It’s a different game altogether from the male perspective. Compared to the 80’s and even the 90’s there are a lot more guys out there that take care of themselves.

AS: Yeah plus that little blue pill helped a lot.

DG: (laughs) yeah I imagine so. So no males come to mind?

AS: Oh yeah how about Tommy Gunn? There we go.

DG: Sure, heard great things about Tommy Gunn. He’s getting into directing that sort of thing now too right?

AS: Yeah, he’s even been doing some mainstream stuff. He could be on Entourage.

DG: You’ve enjoyed a very faithful fan following at Alexandrasilk.com. What has been your most bizarre fan encounter? How often or regularly are you spotted and approached in public?

AS: I’m not really spotted or approached in public that much. It’s because I’m lucky and I get to have many different looks. I also like to wear hats and sunglasses.

DG: Well that definitely helps, incognito right?

AS: Yes. But I do love to go to the conventions and sign autographs and meet my fans. That way I… well for example I’ll be doing the Exotica conventions. They travel around from New York, to Miami and L.A…. So some of the bizarre moments from my fans is the fact that they love my feet!

DG: Is that the consensus, really?

AS: Yeah. So they’ll come up to be at some of these conventions and they’ll want to rub my feet.

DG: (laughs)

AS: Which is cool; because of course I’ll let them.

DG: Nothing like a nice foot rub right?

AS: Exactly! (collected laughs) One time though I was in a pool in Vegas in a bikini. I was amazed I was even recognized because I was inside one of those tubes. Floating down Lazy River sort of thing. He came into the water with a pen and paper, “Hey can I get your autograph?” That was cool.

DG: I actually attended one of the CES shows once in Vegas; I think it was back in ’98. I was working in the retail sector back then. We had things on a lower scale here in Toronto. We’ve had conventions, that sort of thing we’ve had maybe two, three booths of people doing signings; maybe five or six different video distributors that sort of thing. So when I arrived I really had no idea quite what to expect over a three day period it was literally like letting a crazed kid loose in a candy store. You don’t know where to begin and there’s a lot of ground to cover, but it was a great experience.

AS: I love Vegas!

DG: Arguably many of your fans have achieved their initial exposure of Alexandra Silk through Playboy TV’s Sex Court. As Playboy is famous for their slick, artistic nude photography or for lack of better words soft core adult entertainment, in your opinion do you believe hardcore adult entertainment has evolved in terms of societal acceptance? And has soft core content contributed in any fashion in this regard?

AS: I consider R rated movies soft core. You mean that kind of soft core?

DG: Well sure with what you see on cable TV. whether its Playboy productions or Penthouse productions and that sort of thing with no real, actual sexual intercourse being seen. Do you think that since people become more used to this kind of content? Do you think they more accept hard core entertainment on an overall societal basis? I’m just looking back maybe 10-15 years ago where if you had an adult video or novelty shop you had to don the nose, glasses and trench coat and look twice before to make sure no one’s paying attention before sneaking in the back door but it really seems to be a lot more mainstream now.

AS: Yes, absolutely and it’s completely different with the internet. You don’t have to go to a video store anymore. I think there’s so much variety out there. People are getting everything they want at their finger tips. Soft-core, hard-core, information….

DG: Too true.

AS: So I think there’s something for everyone. There’s that, I would actually call it a niche; But a soft-core niche? I’m sure there’s an audience for that too….. I don’t understand it myself. I want to see the goods… (collective laughs)

DG: Well, if you’re going to lay the ground work and foundation may as well witness the structure too right? You’ve celebrated success with a number of directional credits such as Silk Ties and Silk Stockings volumes. When directing, do you envision sizzling erotica as a final product and contort or modify your performers around that vision or would you consider it more a form of amorous spontaneity and capture it on camera simply as it unfolds?

AS: Well with my Silk series it’s definitely not spontaneous. I do have sex and things are a bit contrived but for the most part I do want to solely capture the heat and the authenticity as the scene builds up. I did direct this other series called Tramps, well it was a movie not a series, Tramps was more of a travel log. So that was natural and spontaneous because it was un-scripted. So really it depends what project I’m working on. You have different results, but I think either format is pretty hot. It’s important for me to realize that the talent is really enjoying themselves.

DG: I think that really transcends into the scenes too. If we place it into two different scenarios: where you can almost see the passion and the sensuality oozing from the performers in the scene—then that is a great scene filmed, naturally. On the other hand if you see a scene where you almost get the impression that the performers are uncomfortable and they’re checking the clock or their watches, they just want to get it over with.

AS: Yeah. Well yeah I’ve been in that scenario

DG: So how do you cope with that or how do you encourage them to get more into the scene?

AS: I wish I knew the skills that I know today, my sex surrogacy training…

DG: That could really translate into directing I imagine yes….

AS: (sighs…) Yes, well back then I don’t really know how we got through it. We just endured it. But today, I really want to focus on the work of surrogate partner therapy. So I’m not really doing a lot in the traditional adult entertainment for industry as I’m kind of off in a different direction.

DG: It would be more of an individual basis in helping someone self actualize their life, I’m just speculating but I’m thinking really that is more of the mandate and the mission is in this case right?

AS: Yes. I almost want to make a movie now; Now that I know what I know (laughs). Maybe you’ve inspired me.

DG: (laughs) Well on that note where do you see Alexandra Silk in five years?

AS: Ahhh well making really, really purposeful movies. I do love to educate so if I can continue doing not even necessarily movies as I can see five years from now people may just want scenes. So I think that, that is my direction. I really want to do fifteen minutes of instructional, hot, sexy, mind blowing; informational content and it will be a good way to continue on with my crusade of educating and spreading pleasure into the world.

DG: Crusade. That is a good word choice. I like that. I think that is a product that would really move too in a number of different ways and a number of different places. I think that is a great idea.

AS: Yes and I’m still doing my hands on work as well. I wanted to say that I can see myself in five years as very happy, healthy and I’ll be very adventurous as I am today. Probably I’ll be even more adventurous. I like to encourage people to go out into the world and explore and be safe and communicate. Visit sex clubs any chance you can too.

DG: I’m sure can be very fulfilling and enriching no less.

On a final note I just wanted to mention it is circumstances and encounters such as this and the interview with Luc that reminds me exactly what it is that I had missed so much about the adult entertainment industry.

Truly you are both the real deal-here to inspire and make an impact in people’s lives. Thank you for this very enriching experience and much continued success, happiness and prosperity for both of you.

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