Couple’s Vibe Details

The FixSation Couple’s Vibe is the ONLY rechargeable, hands-free, non-invasive, clitoral stimulating device that is worn by the woman while making love. The Couple’s Vibe is secured by the backless, crotchless panty companion featuring removable bands that slide through the side chambers of the vibe and fasten to the backside of the panty. FixSation is as sexy, discreet, and comfortable as wearing a piece of lingerie!

Our non-invasive, rechargeable Couple’s Vibe is ergonomically designed to cradle the woman’s anatomy and fit flush against the man’s pelvis. Its curved exterior utilizes partner pressure and movement for concentrated friction and vibration on the clitoris, while still allowing for uninterrupted penetration, thereby enhancing overall stimulation and increasing the opportunity for the woman to quickly and consistently reach orgasm during every intimate encounter.

FixSation is: Effective, Patented, Rechargeable, Eco-Friendly, Certified, made of ABS Plastic with a PU Coating, and Warrantied!

Material composition & certifications:

FixSation is Non-toxic, hypoallergenic, phthalate and latex free. FixSation does not contain any chemical solvents. All the materials used in the production of Fixsation are medical grade.

As seen in SexIs Magazine’s  ”She Plays, He Plays”

She Plays: Susan

It sort of forced us to maintain a very intimate body contact. He was moving in and out, but we managed to keep pressure on the vibrator, too. It was pretty intense. I came really quick, and with Rydell’s arms wrapped all the way around me. It was quite romantic … in a naughty, use-a-vibrator-on-me sort of way!

He Plays: Rydell

At first, I thought it might be somewhat cumbersome or “in the way” during sex, but I was wrong. It sort of magically melds right into the pubic bone and all we felt was that constant buzzing Susan enjoys so much.

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