I’m fully in the camp that penises (peni?) should taste like penises and vaginas like vaginas.  I don’t think they “need” help or change.  But, you know what?  Sometimes, it’s fun to play.  Not to cover up or make something that’s unappealing more appealing — cuz if your stuff tastes or smells unappealing, a wash or a doctor visit is a way better option than a flavored lube — but simply to make things more fun.

And what’s more fun than lemonade?

Sex with lemonade!

TO35879That’s pretty much what you get with this Sex Tarts Electric Lemonade lube.  Only it’s more like a lemonade flavored sour patch kid or one of those big, super sour gumballs.  This is some tart stuff!  The name is definitely not an exaggeration.  Sex Tarts hits your tongue with a sweet/sour jolt, immediately gets your saliva going and makes you giggle.  What?  It made me giggle.  Making a sour lemon face while attempting to have oral sex is funny.  And I’m all about having fun, laughing and playing in the bedroom.

Eventually the sour taste fades a bit, if you don’t add more lube, and you’re left with a hint of lemony sweetness and some excellent oral sex, due to all the saliva you’ve worked up.  When it comes to oral, the more slickness the better,  I always say.   The taste is not like a real lemon, but more like a lemon drop once the super tartness wears away.   There is no real aftertaste, which is excellent.  If you do add more lube, you can experience that face scrunching jolt over and over again, giving each other pleasure as you lick and tease and play with what is now a candy flavored penis or vagina.

See?  Fun!

TO35879_3Sex Tarts holds up well for oral sex, adding to the fun and creating some extra slide, but I wouldn’t recommend it for vaginal sex or manual masturbation.  It’s very thin and runny and tends to get a bit sticky.  It also has glycerin in it, which is an ingredient many are sensitive to.  A little bit is likely okay but full out vaginal sex may cause some irritation or yeast issues.

Sex Tarts cleans up easily with soap and water and doesn’t stain.  It’s safe for condoms and all toys, though, again, not really recommended.  It just doesn’t hold up well as a lube for any sort of penetrative sex.

Use this for oral, for kissing and fun and silliness, for sensual licking and nibbling and switch up to your regular lube when you decide to change to penetrative sex or sex toys.

Be careful with the flip top tube!  Though it doesn’t leak when closed, the thin lube does tend to run down the side as you attempt to reclose the lid and if you set it aside without closing it, you’re going to have a mess!

Sex Tarts does have sucralose as well as the glycerin so it should be safe for diabetics and those with reactions to aspartame.  It also does contain parabens so be aware if you’re sensitive to those.

Lemon not your thing?  Eden Fantasys also carries raspberry, peach and pineapple.  Mmmm.  Pineapple is next on my list.

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