Here at EdenFantasys, we love the mom blogging community! We work with many mom bloggers on off-site reviews and giveaways, and we think they are an amazing, dynamic group of women who are a force to be reckoned with. So, in honor of that love, Eden’s director of marketing, Victoria and myself recently spent three wonderful days in New Orleans at this year’s Mom 2.0 Summit, an “open conversation between moms and marketers.” At the end of every conference, it’s always good to reflect on what was learned in the hallways, panels, and cocktail parties. Here are my serious (and some not so serious) takeaways from this year’s Mom 2.0:

1. Mom bloggers know how to cater
I’ve been to many, many conferences and I’ve never been as well-fed as I was at Mom 2.0. Most conferences I’ve been to include two things: coffee at 8 a.m. and beer at 5 p.m. This was not the case at Mom 2.0: every day included breakfast, lunch and multiple snack breaks. It was like being on a cruise ship, but you know, not on the water. And with panels to attend instead of stand up comedy shows.

2. Bloggers are making it big!
It was very clear from the sponsors at this conference that blogging is no longer perceived as just a cute hobby, or the domain of people living in basements in their pajamas. The sponsors included companies like McDonald’s, IKEA, HP, and Microsoft, which means this is big business with big money backing it. We sat in on a panel featuring bloggers Erin Loechner, Maggie Mason, and Liz Gumbinner, and heard how they were able to acquire mainstream sponsors for their blogs, and in the case of Mason and Loechner, in order to fulfill personal dreams (all documented on their own blogs). Next time someone makes fun of you for blogging, just think of all the people who have made blogging their career.

3. The Bloggess is amazing!
One of the highlights for us at this conference was seeing our very own SexIS columnist extraordinairre Jenny Lawson aka The Bloggess speak at her panel, Creating Versatile Content, along with Heather Spohr and Brittany Gibbons. We were especially thrilled when Jenny gave us a shout out for posting her recent article “An Open Letter To The Creepy Guy On The Internet.” and for being so supportive of her. She also mentioned us sponsoring her trip to Japan during her reading at the after party, sponsored by Tide Loads Of Hope. We love you, Jenny!

4. Sharing stories is powerful
While I had my blogger relations hat on for most of my time at Mom 2.0, excited to meet the bloggers I’ve worked with, emailed with or just seen online (like the awesome Roxanna from Everyday Treats, Brittany from Mommywords, Kim from Livefromthe205, Leslie from Peeling Mom Off The Ceiling, Anissa Mayhew and Robin Plemmons from Aiming Low), I was also seeing this event as a blogger and as someone who’s been blogging for many years, sharing my life and stories with a few strangers, and anyone who happened to come across my page. Being at this event, watching bloggers on the stage, made me realize how powerful it is to just tell the truths about our lives. And not just mom bloggers, but the rest of us out there, just putting it on the Internet, and connecting with others, making people feel not so alone, or making them laugh.

5. Media is changing, and we are at the forefront
This was another big issue driven home by the panels, especially the closing keynote: the face of media is no longer just journalists and celebrities, but bloggers. It’s the reason we work with bloggers and have such a large community at Eden: who else is more trust worthy than someone you know, or someone who is like you? People want to find out more information about where to spend their money from people they trust. You trust your friends in the community, or the blogger you’ve read so much they now feel like a friend. This conference reminded me of all that.

All in all, Mom 2.0 was a great conference. We learned a lot, met many wonderful people, and are so excited to go back next year!

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