What is morality? Do you really know what it is? I think there is a fine line between what it is and what people manipulate it to be. I have to admit first hand, I am one of those internet junkies that sits at her laptop for hours a day. I read drama, reviews, blogs, more drama, and the occasional educational piece. I lather myself with typed words that skate across my mind. But what does this have to do with morality? A lot. There has to be a point when we all realize we are dealing with the internet. Yes, we talk to people, network, and become a part of a handful of social sites. But, we must remember that at the end of the day, it’s just the internet. That’s it.

In most cases, I could probably guarantee, that when we refer to our “friends,” nine times out of ten we have never met them in our life. They are just a picture on a profile of someone we have never truly met. Yes, we might post on walls, email, and tweet to each other… but does that classify as a friendship?

Now back to morality. Is it fair to throw someone to the wolves because your “network” friend patsy doesn’t like them? Should we all tag team an individual because it’s the in thing to do? Hell no. That’s exactly what morality isn’t. Morality (from the Latin moralities “manner, character, proper behavior”) is a sense of behavioral conduct that differentiates intentions, decisions, and actions between those that are good (or right) and bad (or wrong) according to Wikipedia and probably every other dictionary you may pick up. It’s good behavior. The essence of action fair and know good from bad. He said she said tends to cloud the judgment of most, unfortunately.

So what does all of this have to do with Eden fantasys? Nothing. It has to do with the community that surrounds a company that requires no qualification at all. You sign up, jump in, Walla! But Jane doesn’t do as well here because Harry thinks that Jeanie’s verbatim is sexier. And Jack sure the hell won’t do well because Mary thinks that he is a total loser and doesn’t like his beliefs that he publishes at his blog and she is more popular because she is a 8.6 and Jack is only a 5.0. It’s insanity I tell you! This is supposed to be a community that is equal and in perspective of only one thing… sex toys. We like them. Most of us like them a hell of a lot. It really bothers me that there can be so much drama. So much disliking, hateful tweeting, oh I am better than them blogging. Blah, blah, blah. I have a few tips for those like you. Number 1, get over yourself. You are a nobody just like the rest of us. You may be someone special in your own life, but at Eden Fantasys, you are just a regular contributor. Yes, you may rank higher. Does that make you feel better when you go to sleep at night? I bet not. Number 2, a little competition is healthy but there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow if you get my drift. What’s the point? Really? Who cares what number you have next to your name. Number 3, trashing other members of this community is not only bad manners, it’s plain ridiculous.

We all need to come together and enjoy the sexual freedom that we own. We obviously all enjoy sex toys or we wouldn’t be here. On top of that, we must all like Eden Fantasys because we continue to write reviews and test products for their company. So only one question remains… where the hell is the morality? I truly think this should be a qualification. If you can not be fair, write honest reviews, and critique honestly… then you probably don’t belong here.

I will continue to write reviews for Eden Fantasys because I think it is a great company. And they have treated me better than any other sex toy company out there. They go above and beyond to keep this community going to just turn around and have to monitor the users because of a cat fight or some other insane issue. I think we should all develop a no drama attitude. Reviews can then be done without the worry of someone trashing you because they don’t like you. It’s unfair and childish. But I will keep writing and I will keep voting on reviews. I will give good opinions and maybe help a person or two along the way by mentoring. At the end of the day, we should all be having fun. No competing, no thrashing, no slander. Just good times, sex toys, and a review here and there. Let’s all just focus on morality.

  • Leiyana C

    I think mortality is what makes us human, whether it be our nature, instinct or whichever. We are bound by the cycles of life but its our choice on how we live it. In the end mortality is what makes every living being the same and why no one should be judged by race, color, sexuality, gender,etc. We are human, we are mortal, we are the same. lol In my opinion at least.

  • Leiyana C

    lol I meant Morality up there. I think they are tied together though. Our morals make us who we are and how we choose to handle every situation. And since we are all mortal, we are all human. Sorry if it was confusing haha. Got ahead of myself.

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