Summary: The Vr5.5 is elegant and functional, with its sensuous shape and strong, rumbly vibrations. With a firm insertable shaft and a long, flexible clitoral stimulator, this rabbit will work for both passive and thrusting play and is a delight to use. It charges quickly and holds a charge for a considerable period of time without a loss of power.
Pros: Strong, rumbly vibrations, quiet, rechargeable, silicone, can be used for thrusting, locks.
Cons: None.
Best use: The Vr5.5 is a rabbit style vibrator best used for self stimulation, although it can also be used with a partner. The rigid insertable arm has a bulge for g-spot stimulation and vibrations concentrated in the tip, while the flexible clitoral arm is long and has its own bullet for intense stimulation. Each arm or the Vr5.5 can be controlled separately, so you can have the vibration level you prefer both internally and externally.

Design / Shape / Size: The Vr5.5 is shaped like an elegant, cursive letter V. It’s all curves and sensuality, and the whole toy is about 7” long from the longest arm to the bottom of the base.

The long arm of the V is 4 1/2″ insertable. This arm is firm with no give or flexibility whatsoever. It has a slightly tapered tip for easier insertion. The top of the arm has a bulge on the inner side that’s shaped to hit the g-spot. It’s about 1 1/2” at its widest diameter, and it will provide firm pressure for g-spot stimulation. The arm narrows down to about 1/2″ diameter before it attaches to the base. The vibrations are concentrated in the tip, but travel well down this entire arm and even into the base.

The clitoral attachment is the shorter arm of the V. It has a graceful, elegant curve to it. This piece is about 3” long, and it’s very flexible. It should work for clitoral stimulation on most women, and the vibrations are strong down the entire arm.

This sleek and sexy toy by Jopen is very versatile and is one of the only rabbits I’ve seen that will ‘fit’ most people as long as you are okay with the girthy tip. It’s got a lot of power available, and it’s perfect if you live with others and need a quieter toy. All that on top of being rechargeable and waterproof, this toy is certainly one that I can highly recommend.

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