This is the story of how I first interacted with internet scammers, and why I fuck with them as often as I can stand to do it. I have decided to write about this because there are too many people out there who don’t realize they are dealing with scammers. I was once that way, even though I am not a trusting person to begin with. One was able to take me for a few dollars. My story has a fairly happy ending though, I got my money back. Watch this story and you will see how devastating it can be. I have dealt with various scammers, and so far I like to think I’ve burned one, and gotten burned by one.

When I got burned by a scammer it was because I was thinking with my dick. This person used pictures of Raven Riley, and as I recall, called herself Raven. She did not use her full name for a long time. This person claimed to be a cam model, or as I like to call them, an internet stripper. She would send me various pictures of Raven, and one for some reason really hooked me. She looked so fit, and it wasn’t just from being nude. I had seen other nudes she had sent, and they didn’t affect me the same way as this one did. I don’t know if it was just how I was feeling that time when I saw it, or maybe it had something to do with the time of the month when the picture was taken, if you know what I mean. For those who don’t, it’s a thing about sexual attraction. They say that a woman will have more of a glow around the time of her period, or most fertile time of the month.

Whatever it was, I was hooked from that moment forward. I was talked into trying her cam site, or one of them, and was told it was supposed to be free. That was the first lie that I noticed. But thinking with my dick, I didn’t pay enough attention to it. Eventually she asked for my card number because of a problem with registration, and figuring she had been honest with me up til then, I gave it to her. Sometime later, I found a charge for a website company that makes websites, and this person had paid them with my card, to build her a site. I had that shut down, filed a report with my bank, and got back all the money that had been taken from me.

The one I burned: And I love this story. I had been talking to this person for a few years, or at least two years. Let me say, I was hopeful this person was being honest, but I was paying a lot more attention to details on this one than I did on the previous one. At one point I even told this person I knew they were lying to me and trying to scam me. That is what made the ending so much fun. I had to work this person for about six months after I told them that, to convince them that I was in love and wanted to marry them. I even tried cyber sex with them, which sucked because they had no imagination at all. Finally, I convinced them well enough that I had no money to send them, which is and was true, and they tried to send me money orders. This person did this two or three times, and I never saw them. Finally, I told them to wrap the money orders up in a piece of paper and send them, because someone was probably stealing them. While it took a while I did actually get these ones. Also, keep in mind, I had a PO Box at the time. I never would have done this if it was going to my street address.

When I got them, I took them to the bank. And even though they were money orders for $4,000 each, the teller was actually going to cash them, til I said I wanted it verified they were fakes. I was pretty sure they were, but who knows, lightning could strike. After that, I got together all the info I had from the person who sent me the emails, including where to wire the money to, and I delivered that to my bank as well. I never felt so high as I did that day.

Now there’s a pattern I have notice that these people use, and it never seems to fail. First they ask you a few questions to find out what kind of person you are. They build a bond in doing this, or try to. Stay aware of that fact. They will express common interests, like saying they want a family and kids. A lot of them like to use pet names, especially the fake cam models. It was pretty obvious to me what the desired effect was supposed to be. Sooner or later, they will give a sob story of why they need money, and that you are the only person who can help them. That’s usually the story I run into anyway. They will just about never be able to speak proper fucking English. I know my writing isn’t the best, but these people make me look like professional writer by comparison.

My best advice in dealing with people on the internet, so you don’t get ass fucked, is don’t get emotionally attached, be objective. Emotions will fuck you every time with this stuff. Never give them any information that will lead directly to you. No street addresses, phone numbers, and never give card/account numbers, or send money. Unless you have money to burn. Bye bye retirement plan. See you later kid’s college tuition fund.

While I am sure I have mentioned this stuff before, I do not think I have actually written about it til now. Even if I have, I CANNOT tell people enough about this stuff, to try to prevent more people from being ass fucked. Please repeat this story, and spread it, to alert more people about this problem. As the link to the video shows, these people can get a lot of money out of one person. If anyone has any questions, or suggestions, on how to deal with internet scammers, feel free to put it in the comments section.

  • Girl With Fire

    My only suggestion is when people you have met on the internet ask you for money…. just don’t give it to them. EVER. If you receive an email saying that somebody you don’t know in person wants to transfer a large (or any) sum of money into your account and they just need to verify the info that they already have…. they don’t have that information and if you give it to them, you will be giving them everything they need in order to access your bank account. Also, If anybody ever comes to your door and tells you that you could be paying less for your existing hydro or phone or gas services, don’t sign anything that they give you. Even if they say, you need to sign this to verify for my boss that I have been here. (No you don’t; unless they are working directly for the government, in which case they will not be attempting to actually sell you ANYTHING, you do not have to sign a thing.)

    • DeadIzzy

      Don’t you love those emails where they claim to have money to transfer to you, or you won a lottery that shouldn’t even know who you are, or the ones of someone died and you and act a beneficiary. I think I love the lottery ones the most. hahaha

  • Mnwolf

    I can relate to this too well, I was ass fucked for a scam like this. I would kick myself in the ass if I could, but back in 07 when this happend I had thought that it could be possible for this to be real. Ya, real alright…. Real SCAM, I ended up in jail, and have forgery on my record now as a result.

    My bigest problem was being too damn trusting, I did give everyone a chance just because that is how I was. Today, I don’t trust anyone, not even people I have known for a long time. The charges aginst me have basically ruined my life, as now this charge is used aginst me for hiring/backround checks. The companies never dig into what the charges stemed from, just that its there and you are a bad person with a record…. FML ..!

    So ya I know exactly where your coming from!

    • DeadIzzy

      I think you had a worse problem then I did. Talk about being ass fucked. I don’t suppose you have ever tried explaining the situation behind those charges before a background check was done. I don’t expect that many employers would really listen. But there is always the off chance that one would actually listen and investigate to find out if you’re telling the truth. But I would also suggest that you talk to someone about getting that removed if it is possible.

      I could have been in a situation like yours once though. I talked to a person who tried to talk me into making fake money pretty much. I was going to school at the time and since one of my teachers was a former FBI agent I forwarded the info from the chat to him to see if maybe he could get it to the right people to get that person taken down. If I hadn’t have realized what this person was after or help anyway. I could be sittin’ in prison right now.

  • DeadIzzy
    There’s another scam to be aware of.

  • Mnwolf

    Yeah, I have tried explaining b4 hand and I continue to be told that well… “it isn’t our part to say, we rely on X company to handle that” So I really did get it in the Ass, and the part that just ticks me off more is that the same person is still online and I would suppose he is still doing what he did to me to other people.

    • DeadIzzy

      Well you could always try working as a hitman and start by killing the fucker who stuck it to you. It really sucks that there is no organization that can go after scammers in other countries. You would think most of the nations would be able to agree that this is a big problem that needs to be dealt with. But like a bunch of idiots we let people get fucked over and over. It’s like waiting for a disease to spread to the point of the patients near death before treating it.

  • Mnwolf

    You know the funny thing was, this person or persons had bank accounts that went to american accounts at banks. Claiming they are account managers and then to provide proof like giving you an account ID and password to look at just one of their accounts. No, I didn’t use the link the person sent to me, I look the bank up and went off that link. Signed in and being able to do that well I guess anything is possible to be faked. I really wish I could go back, and slap myself for thinking that shit was ligit.

    At my court hearing, I told the lawyer I wanted to find the SOB and shove a frozen Walleye up the person/persons ass that was behind this, she just looked at me. After giving all information plus, sending screen shots of the bank accounts they still allowed me to be fucked over like this. The way they made it look I was the one printing the damn checks.

    Sad, I contacted the FBI, filed a complaint…. Nothing! Contacted ICE, still nothing….! I found out that if I have 2500.00 I can have a lawyer file to have it expunged, but then it is a ify case if it will be allowed and exactly how locked it will be.

    I can’t afford 2500, hell I barely get to see my son as just having my girl-friend working, her wages don’t leave much left for anything extra. I started school on-line to better myself and now I worry that this B.S. will stop me from moving ahead when I am done. Trying to keep positive on things and that one day I will get a letter in the mail that they have got the SOB and all charges have been dropped off my record is something I would like to see. I will not hold my breath but I can attempt to keep the faith right…!

    The governments need to look at this,and do more about protecting the people that have fallen victim to shit like this, as if it were me or someone else doing it. I know damn well that I would be put into jail for a long time, 3 to 5 at min I would bet. It just doesn’t make any sense as to why there isn’t anything that can be done to help those like me. But, OH WELL….!

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