EdenFantasys had the pleasure of sponsoring BlogHer ’11 which was at San Diego this year. BlogHer was a blast! I must admit that I’m very, very proud and excited over the reception that EdenFantasys received while there. Everyone was very kind to us, and I’m really excited to see everyone else’s excitement that went around our swag bag. I hear it was the most-talked about swag bag at the entire conference! I think that’s always something that I’d love to hear, and I’m really proud of how well EdenFantasys did.

Our hotel, the Omni

Our booth before the conference started

We had an artist come and paint during the party.

That’s not to say that it wasn’t really busy because, I promise, it was. There were almost always people at our booth, and it was certainly enjoyable to be able to explain some of our toys to them. We had some of the Jimmyjane, some FunFactory, and some Jopen toys out on display. Seeing people’s faces when I explained the magnetic charging properties of the FunFactory and the Jimmyjane toys just made me smile. Sometimes I forget how amazing some of the sex toy technology really is! We’ve certainly come a long way from what adult toys used to look like.

Kris and I took out the dildos from the packaging the night before the party.

Fun during the dildo party

Check out that grin! Another satisfied customer.

Even though EdenFantasys had some great swag, there were a ton of other companies giving out some other great samples and items too. With our EdenFantasys tote bags being part of our swag, it was impossible to go anywhere in the conference center without seeing one of the bags! Along with our swag, there was a ton of other great items being given out. Dr. Scholls was a hit as they were giving out Fast Flats and other foot cushions, and 3M was giving out eco-friendly scotch tape and water bottles. Pepsi was giving out free samples of their drinks, and you could get samples of Philosophy’s body products as well. Glad was giving out free Glad containers, and you could pick up a Yahoo Style Guide book at the Yahoo Contributor Network booth. That’s only the beginning of some of the great swag!

Swag I had

Right about now, you're wishing you were there, huh?

Ooo! A diva Big Stuff!

At our booth, we had quite a few people stop by and want to take pictures as well. After all, we’re the only adult toy store represented at BlogHer. People were clamoring around the booth to receive one of our swag bags (which contained the Passion Dual bullets, Eden Wipes, a California Exotics vibrator, and Wet Lubricants Safe Sex Kits. We also started giving out our adorable t-shirts later in the conference: “I Like Things that Go Vroom“. I certainly loved the t-shirt, and the bloggers thought it was a big hit as well!

That was real sand. They had to bring in buckets upon buckets to make that on the table.

Doc Johnson toys that were for decorating

The star is perfect.

Our toy decorating party went smoothly as well, and I loved meeting so many new bloggers in such a laid-back setting. We had feathers, googly eyes, ribbon, markets, sparkle glue, gems, and tons of other decorations to help our bloggers decorate their dildos! Sitting around the circular table to decorate, everyone had a great time talking about their toy and attempting to decorate it to the best of their ability. You should have seen our entire bed of dildos! It was great! Our party-goers left our party with some Little Secrets vibrators from Tantus and Doc Johnson as well along with their newly decorated friend. We gave away the new Eden t-shirts too! It was just a great, fun atmosphere, and there was a lot of laughs.

Having fun at the party

It's a monster! "That's what she said!"

Aren't they adorable?

More fun with the dildo decoration

Attending the sessions was very educational. During each BlogHer session, a panel of well-known bloggers (for that topic) and a moderator discuss different aspects of the topic. They take questions from the audience, and I know I learned a lot there. “Video Blogging U” was probably my favorite of the presentations, and it covered how to make your video blogs and video reviews search-engine friendly, better-lit and better-quality, and techniques for making the best ones. As both a blogger and an EdenFantasys representative who works with bloggers, it was really neat to be able to relate the information to both sides of the fence.

One of the sessions I attended. Connecting with Brands from the Inside Out

Maria chats with one of the many men who were brave enought to stop by!

Posing at the Brawny man booth. Even cardboard cut-outs are taller than me. :(

I had a really fun time at the BlogHer conference. I ran a bit low on sleep (doesn’t everyone during a conference?), and I had a fun time flying for the first time. I met a ton of fun, new bloggers, and I had a great time introducing women to their first sex toys. What an honor! It was fun to be there, and I learned a lot and met a lot of new friends. Now I just have to catch up on my sleep.

  • Kindred

    Sounds like it was a great time! And it’s nice to finally put a face to your name. :)

  • Kristin

    I had so much fun with EdenFantasys. Thanks for a great time and a great party.

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