Happy May!

Did you know last week was Star Wars Day?  May the 4th be with you!  Teeheehee!

But, seriously, this month is Mother’s Day and it’s Masturbation Month, we have Nerd Pride Day and Memorial Day. It seems like there is stuff going on every weekend and all month long.

At Eden Fantasys, we’re focusing on Mood; on setting the Mood, getting in the Mood and brightening the Mood.  We’re going to be bringing you a different mood theme each week, starting this week when we’re going to Set the Mood with Vroom.  More Vroom is a good way to kick off Masturbation Month, don’t you think?

Keep your eye out this afternoon for the newest giveaway and all month long for great deals on all sorts of stuff; gifts for Mom (We sell lots of stuff you could give Mom and never blush!  Like EOS and Cake Beauty products, heated massagers, candles and even make-up!) or the hot mama in your life, oodles of stuff to get you ready for that Memorial Weekend trip and stuff to get HIM in the mood. He can’t be the one making the first move every time now, can he?

Let’s see what else is going on around EdenFantasys this week:


Tuesday, May 8th

Contributor of the Month: Nominations. The nominating stage to select candidates for this month’s Contributor of the Month.

Friday, May 11th

Eden Link Weekly Buzz  EdenLink Weekly Buzz. Every week, join us as we let you know what exciting products have been released that week as well as what products we have upcoming for future releases.

Friday, May 11th

EdenRoundup Weekly Roundup.  Here’s where you can see what’s been going on in the community each week.

Friday, May 11th

Weekly Rumble Weekly Review Rumble. Reviewers go head to head! (Would you like to host the Weekly Review Rumble? Check out the forum post for details on how to do so.)


  • Set the Mood with Vroom
    Spend More and Save More 
    $30+  = 15% OFF – mama15
    $50+ = 20% OFF- mama20
    $100+ = 25% OFF- mama25
    $150+ = 30% OFF- mama30
  • Slow down and Set a Relaxing Mood25% off Beauty and Bodycare
  • Crazy Thursday — We can’t give it away but we can say… Let’s Hear it For the Boy! Be sure to check the promo page on Thursday to find out what the big sale is this week!
  • Buy any Leaf vibrator, get a free spa towel!
  • 25% off on lingerie.  Not just a few pieces, either. We’re talking 1500+ items!

Fun and Facts

  • Announcement — Eden Staff: Open Door Policy
  • Q & AWhat are you getting for your Mom this Mother’s Day?
  • Poll —  We need your help: Vote for a new name for the Community Planning Thread
  • Birthday Shout Outs! – Are you a May baby?  Have you put your name in for the Birthday Club? Wished those with a May birthday a happy one?
  • Kinky Bucket List. What’s on yours?
  • Poll – Do you use flavored lubes and sprays when you have oral sex?
  • Game — This or That *Sex Toys* Edition
  • Chat — What book are you currently reading?


Free gift with ANY purchase!  One use, no cleaning, keep it with the condoms and go ahead, play.

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