So we’re heading into our last week in Expressions of Lovemonth and this week we’re thinking about collecting. Isn’t that one of the ways people show they love something?

I collect coffee mugs. It’s a weakness. I also kind of collect bath and body products, though at least those get used up and I don’t end up with boxes and boxes in the attic, like I do with the mugs!

How about you? Do you collect anything?  Is there something you love so much you want to surround yourself with it?  Or do you just like nice things in general and like to fill your life with lots of little luxuries? Do you indulge your loved ones and help them collect?

If you’re the type to collect luxurious little tidbids or who likes to have the best of the best, be sure to watch this afternoon for the new giveaway. It’s definitely some high end stuff! I’ll even give you a hint: In this instance, Vanity  is not a deadly sin! 

Let’s see what else is going on around EdenFantasys this week:


Tuesday, May 1st

Community Planning Meeting  Open to any and all members of the community. Join the discussion to talk about current community events, the state of the community, and things we, as community members, would like to see changed.

 Birthday Club  Once a month, Darling Jen announces all the birthdays for the month.

Wednesday, May 2nd

Eden PornClub  This month’s Porn Club Discussion will be the last time we meet before the Summer Break! (Are we that close to the sweet summer heat already?!?) We’re going sponsorless and having a party to remember! 8 PM EST


Thursday, May 3rd

Reviewers Spotlight Anybody and everybody is welcome. The Reviewers Spotlight is where we take some time to sit down with some of our awesome reviewers and ask them questions.

Friday March 2nd

Eden Link Weekly Buzz EdenLink Weekly Buzz. Every week, join us as we let you know what exciting products have been released that week as well as what products we have upcoming for future releases.

EdenRoundup Weekly Roundup Here’s where you can see what’s been going on in the community each week.

Weekly Rumble Weekly Review Rumble The weekly review rumble is where reviews written by community members get nominated by community members. (How would you like to host the Weekly Review Rumble? Check out the forum post for details on how to do so.)



  • Discover your pleasure zones with amazing G-spot toys – the EdenFriends special gives you up to 70% off for sharing with friends!
  • Reward your White KnightSave 25% on toys sure to charm your Prince Charming!
  • Get closer, longer.  Save 30% on Cal Ex love rings!
  • Make your Mama Happy!  Save 25% on gifts for Mother’s day
  • Get a free lip gloss with any Cake Beauty purchase.
  • Enjoy a Free Adult DVD with any Zero Tolerance lubricant



  • Porn Club! We mentioned it before but it bears mentioning again since this is the last meeting before Summer Break. No assignments to hassle with, no required films to discuss, just party, party party. And? There will be THREE guests; Kay Brandt, Courtney Trouble and Michael Vegas!
  • Tell a Story.  Last week we celebrated Tell a Story Day.  Did you join in? It’s not to late for YOU to tell us a story!
  • Feedback Poll: Bath and Body Products preferences
  • New, New, New!  The Wedding Shoppe!
  • Game: How many words can you make from EdenFantasys? Play here!
  • Game: Opposites Attract




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