The Luck of the Irish!

You don’t really need to have Irish luck this week when we have so much great stuff going on; some St Patrick’s Day sales, a St. Patrick’s Day party, contests, giveaways…

Getting lucky has never been easier!  (In all senses of the word!)

So what are you doing for St. Patrick’s Day? Do you go out and drink green beer?  Make corned beef and cabbage?  Do a little jig?  Or is it just another day for you?

Read on for more details about what’s going on around Eden this week and, don’t forget…  Kiss someone who is Irish!


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Monday, March 11th

  • Eden Lit Meeting – Our topic this month is all about getting started. We will discuss how to go from an amorphous idea and a blank piece of paper, or computer screen, to the beginning of a literary work. So bring your ideas, concerns, questions and let’s discuss how the heck to get started on that masterpiece we all have living inside of us. 4 PM EDT

Tuesday, March 12th

  • Early St Patrick’s Day Party - 7 PM EDT. Join us as we celebrate the holiday celebrating the fine art of drinking until you can’t stand up; otherwise known as St. Patrick’s Day. Trivia, games, prizes and a whole lot of fun is in store for anyone attending.
  • Contributor of the Month – The nominating stage to select candidates for this month’s Contributor of the Month.

Friday, March 15th

  • Weekly Roundup. Notable Events and Must-read Reviews!
  • Weekly Review Rumble. Reviewers go head to head! (Would you like to host the Weekly Review Rumble? Check out the forum post for details on how to do so.)




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