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  • No need to blush about pleasure
  • Put a sexy twinkle in your eye
  • Top off your look with a post-orgasmic glow
  • The sexiest shade of lipstick this year is VROOM[/box]

[quote]Perfectly disguised as mascara, Studio Collection has come out with a really cute, clever product. With two different options – cover on and cover off – you can enjoy a variety of vibrations. For the makeup junky who wants something quick and kitschy at her side, this is the vibe for you.
— Starkiller87[/quote]


  • Warm up your lover with cool kisses
  • Ignite your passion any place and any time
  • Give your perfect pout a sexy sizzle
  • Play any time with Studio Collection[/box]

[quote]Instant arousal for those that like to take their sex lives out of the house. Studio Collection Warming O Balm looks just like a little tub of lip gloss. It can even actually be used as lip gloss. It gives a nice, mild, tingly warm sensation wherever you apply it. It’s also great for those that are sensitive to warming products.
— Tessa Taboo[/quote]


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