Eden Weekly: 3.18.2013 Edition

Celebrate Spring!

Thursday it’ll officially be spring!  Time to put away the mittens and gloves, pull out the kites and throw open the windows.  Ahhhhh.

We’re heading into spring with the Kegel Journals.  You can find out more about them, and even join in as they progress, over on the forum.

Lots more going on, as well…  but you need to check keep reading to find out what and when.  *hint hint* There is at least one more contest and a nifty new thing going getting started on the forum. Go see!  It’s kind of like Post Secret…

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Eden Weekly: 3.11.2013 Edition

The Luck of the Irish!

You don’t really need to have Irish luck this week when we have so much great stuff going on; some St Patrick’s Day sales, a St. Patrick’s Day party, contests, giveaways…

Getting lucky has never been easier!  (In all senses of the word!)

So what are you doing for St. Patrick’s Day? Do you go out and drink green beer?  Make corned beef and cabbage?  Do a little jig?  Or is it just another day for you?

Read on for more details about what’s going on around Eden this week and, don’t forget…  Kiss someone who is Irish!

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Eden Weekly 3.4.2013 Edition

Step into Spring!

It’s not “officially” spring yet but it IS March, and spring IS coming and we ARE excited!

We’re celebrating International Women’s Day this week — on the 8th, to be exact — and are going with that feeling for the whole month, with content and sales and articles and giveaways that all focus on Girl Power.  (And independence and individual power for those who aren’t down with that)

Sounds fun and empowering, doesn’t it?

Read on for a bit more of what’s going on this week and stay tuned for fun Girl Power stuff all month long!

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Eden Weekly 2.25.2013 Edition

Well, would you look at that?

February is almost over!  On Friday we’re flipping over into March and March means spring is almost here!  It may not feel like it yet but soon we’ll be hearing birdies and smelling fresh grass.  Are you as eager as we are?

In the meantime, we still have some great stuff going on through the end of this month.  Keep reading to take a peek at what!

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Eden Weekly 2.18.2013 Edition

Keep the Romance Going

I know a lot of you are probably wiping your brows and sighing in relief that Valentine season is over. So much pressure to be romantic!

Well, who says that romance should stop just because the holiday is over?  We think that you can keep the romance going all year round — AND be less stressed next V day since you’ll be more in the habit of being romantic!

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Lots going on over at EdenFantasys to inspire some romantic — or at least sexy — thoughts and actions.

Want to see? Read on!

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Eden Weekly 2.11.2013 Edition

Happy Valentine’s Week!

Sometimes it can seem like a little too much, Valentine’s Day.  Hearts and flowers, pink and red, chocolates and love songs and couples, couples, couples!

We think Valentine’s Day is really just about love, though.

Love for your partner, your kids, your parents, your sociology class, your favorite coffee.  Love for your SELF.  Love for yourself most of all, don’t you think? It’s hard to love anyone else if you don’t love yourself.

And on that note, we say don’t let the typical Valentine stuff get you down.  Celebrate!  Celebrate love however you want to without feeling you need to do it their way or his way or her way or our way. Just do it. Just love.  Okay?

And, if you get the time, take a peek at all the lovely (haha) stuff we have going on at EdenFantasys this week.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Eden Weekly: 2.28.2012 Edition

We are seriously geared up for Valentine’s Day!

And by geared up I mean sales and contests and giveaways galore so, folks, keep a keen eye out and be sure to enter them all!

Here on EdenCafe we’re going to be giving away some amazing shopping sprees.  The Pinterest contest is almost over for the month so someone will be winning their wishlist.  SexIs has it’s own contests going on for writing and topics.  And EdenFantasys has a HUGE Valentine’s Day contest going on!  The winners of that one get flowers, candy, music, and a shopping spree as well as special gifts from some of our favorite manufacturers.  Can you say WOOHOO?

Read on for more details about the contests and all the other fab stuff going on at EF this week!

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Eden Weekly: 1.21.2013 Edition

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Eden Weekly: January 14th, 2013 Edition

We’re half way through January…

How many of you have kept your resolutions so far?  It’s okay if you haven’t.  We kind of think it’s okay to make new resolutions every day if you want to. It’s about trying to be better every day, right?

We’ve got lots of fun stuff coming up this week.  We’re going to be giving away some amazing, earth friendly, travel friendly toys here on EdenCafe.  And on EdenFantasys, we’re going to share the most popular products of 2012!  SexIs has some exciting stuff coming up, too, with contests and hot new topics.  Make sure you check in every day to see what’s going on!

Here’s just a small taste…

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Eden Weekly: 1.07.13 Edition

Ring in the New Year with Sexy Resolutions!

Now that the excitement of all the Holidays has calmed down a bit, are you thinking resolutions?  Do you do resolutions?  Are you the type who makes them right away on New Year’s Day?  Do you stick with them or have they already been dropped? What sorts of resolutions do you make?

Here at EdenFantasys, we’re resolving to make 2013 even sexier than 2012!  We’ve got a couple weeks of fantastic stuff to help you do just that; promotions and giveaways that feature products that travel sexy,  that keep you environmentally green, that improve  your sexual health, products that increase intimacy and give you lots and lots of vroom!  Be sure to keep your eye out.

And while you’re peeking around, don’t miss everything else that’s going on around EdenFantasys…

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