Valentine’s Day. To most it conjures up images of romance: flowers & chocolate, hearts & cupids, true love, or at least true lust. For me, on the other hand, Valentine’s Day seems to be synonymous with break-ups. Not all the stories were those of sad endings, but I can easily say that this time of year doesn’t necessarily bring happy thoughts to my mind.

The first Valentine break-up happened in high-school. This time, I was the one who did the dumping. We’ll call him Bill. Bill was sweet, but to be honest, we had NOTHING in common. To make matters worse, we were both pretty shy, and neither of was good outside our comfort zones.  The break-up didn’t go well. It was the first time that I had ever broken up with anyone, and I don’t think that I handled it well. In my attempt to spare his feelings I ended up dragging the whole thing out. It took him some effort to translate my efforts into the fact that I was attempting to break up with him. What makes me feel better about breaking up with Bill, is the fact that the very next girl he dated is the woman that he is still with today.

The second Valentine break-up came my freshman year of college. In an odd turn of events I ended up breaking up with myself. My boyfriend at the time, let’s call him Rick, was one of my best friends. This was probably a bad idea, and definitely led to our break-up. This break-up was almost a farce. Rick had never broken up with someone, and to be honest, I’d kind of seen it coming. When he asked to talk to me, I knew what the talk was going to be about. He ended up having such a hard time breaking up with me that I walked him through it, and comforted HIM! I also gave him tips to make it easier on him the next time that he broke up with someone. This took place a couple days before Valentine’s Day, and on the day itself, we ended up hanging out with a larger group of our friends to watch some TV show that we were all obsessed with at the time. To be brutally honest, things were a bit uncomfortable between the two of us for some time, but in the past couple of years we’ve moved past the awkwardness.

The third Valentine break-up was the worst. It happened during college, and it not only came out of left field, but I also found out at that he had been cheating on me for a while. This ex we’re calling Sean. I had taken a bus to make the four hour drive to spend time with him for Valentine’s Day. He took me out for pizza, and then asked me if I could get someone else to drive me to the bus station. His excuse for the break-up was that he couldn’t handle the long-distance that was our relationship. As it turns out, he couldn’t handle the distance between his bed and mine.

Based on my experiences, it should come as no surprise that I am not a big fan of Valentine’s Day. I don’t knock it for those who find it a wonderful day, full of warmth and happiness. Me, I’d rather celebrate Groundhog Day.

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