I am more than happy that Winter is almost over. I am aching for spring to come. I have so many things I plan on doing this spring.

The first thing I am looking forward to is definitely the nicer weather. I do not like having to get all bundled up and having to do the same with my two daughters. It is time consuming and I am always worried about not having enough layers on them.

When spring comes I am going to focus on getting active. I used to walk the beach strip for two hours every morning. The cold weather hit and I lost my motivation. The nicer weather is coming back, so for me that means back to my two hour walks. I am excited because now my oldest daughter can join me on these walks. Even though she is healthy and active, I want to encourage her that remaining active is very important. Something as simple as a walk will help out. There are many many things I love about spring. I love when you wake up in the morning and you can hear the birds chirping. I like to open the kitchen blinds and windows to let the cool air in, along with the rays of sunshine that beam through. Some people may find that cheesy, but it can make a difference in how you start your day. People become friendlier once the good weather hits. I plan on bringing my girls to the park a lot this spring, so they can play with the other kids and breathe that fresh air you don’t really get when you are cooped up inside all winter.

Every spring fashion trends seems to change. I am looking forward to wearing lighter clothes. I can’t wait to throw on some tights with my UGGs and go. No more big boots. :)   Another thing I absolutely love about the spring time is all the flowers that bloom. Not only do they make the air smell nicer but they look gorgeous. I literally love looking at the gardens people plant outside of their homes. I do appreciate those dedicated gardeners who take the time to pull out all their weeds and make their front lawn picture perfect. I think my favourite flowers people plant are the tulips. Yellow tulips are my favourite! The mini roses are also very nice. I do stop and smell them every time I see them. So many flowers to choose from. I live with my family, so I cannot plant my own garden yet. Hopefully one day I will be able to do this. I do help mow the lawn, it grows like crazy with the sprinklers going. My dad always buys the hanging baskets for the front porch. He is the gardener of our family. I love heading to the Market to buy fresh vegetables and fruit that people grow. They are always fresh and tasty. They open up these markets as soon as the nicer weather is here.

During the spring I love being able to sit on the porch, sip my coffee and read a book. The cars that drive by are almost soothing, as I partially tune them out to focus on my book at hand. If it happens to get chilly I throw on a light sweater. During the spring it gets darker later, so that gives me more time to enjoy being outside. I love when the snow clears and I can go crazy cleaning out my car. During the winter it is harder to keep up with all the junk that accumulates behind the seats. It is a full day’s task. We have gas stations that have vacuums, so i can do the full treatment on my car. I love it.

Spring is my favourite season followed by fall. I hope everyone enjoys a safe and happy spring!!

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