Since the dawn of adult entertainment few have made an impact of epic proportion like Luc Wylder. In an industry riddled with pre-conceived notions, incrimination and prejudice, Wylder’s efforts have always catered to a more sensual and free spirited audience. Shining through a vivid spectrum of roles from performer to director to producer, the father of Fallen Angel Productions has truly come full circle; provoking fantasy and enticing passion in erotic grandeur. It is with pride and pleasure I invite you to take: A Walk on the Wylde Side With Luc Wylder

DG: Your wife the beautiful and endearing Alexandra Silk plays a large role in your life and some productions in Fallen Angel. What are your views on inner industry relationships? Is there an open intimacy the rest of society is missing out on? How are emotional and physical boundaries determined?

LW: Let me hit you with the boundaries thing first. We have a little ditty that we like to refer to. Its respect other people’s boundaries and break your own. So in terms of our boundaries with one another Alex and I have very few. But if there are any that need to be broken through, there are things that I work on with me as opposed to push Alex into anything that she doesn’t want to do. Does that make sense?

DG: No that’s very fair. Seems like a descent motto to go by for sure.

LW: We’ve both been, as I’d said in two previous marriages which were long term and both of which included an open sexual lifestyle, so we have learned an awful lot. We don’t do anything that is unsafe, but we do just about anything together as a couple. Together and apart we have lived these lives for many years and gained a real comfort with it. We fit right in, in the adult industry. But we’re actually a lot more sexual in nature than a lot of the people. A lot of people are in the industry just because it’s a good living for them. Alex and I are here really because its what’s in our hearts.

If we go into a swinger party, its amazing how uptight people who call themselves swingers can be. Inevitably Alex and I are the one’s starting people up and trying to entice the energy to develop.

DG: Anything about your career you’ve looked back upon that you would have changed?

LW: Anything in my career that I would’ve changed? I’ve had such a wonderful life, such a rich life in the adult industry, if I changed anything it may have put myself somewhere other than where I am today. So no as I look back, I’m really very happy about everything that has happened. I mean I never went into a really bad direction in the industry, I was always very conscious. You know I’ve been sober for twenty five years so there’s never anything that I did that I’ve forgotten in a black out or anything like that (laughs). I was producing with my future in mind. I have children and have had since the moment I came into the adult industry. They would hold me responsible for the work that I was doing. I was doing the right thing in a very weird and sexual way.

DG: What’s on the horizon for Luc Wylder and Fallen Angel?

LW: That’s an interesting question. I’m currently working on something called life training where its kind of a combination of all the different social media networks that are out there and integrating them altogether in your blog to the point where I only have one entry to make in a day. It goes out to all these different networks which is actually how you and I met. Twitter, its part of my development on the life stream. Really I’ve always been very careful to maintain my media. Its all stored in a film and tape storage facility which is temperature and climate controlled. There’s early media in which I’d shot that is still in pristine condition. I’ve taught myself how to edit and encode. So now I sit at my little desk at home and I…play, so to speak artistically with the media that I’ve been shooting for many years. I don’t have to go out and shoot anything new in order to be able to create media today. One of the things that I’m picking up on is that people are making a lot of short little videos, three, five to six minutes. They’re artistic in nature. They’ve got music in them, they’re fun to watch. So I’m kind of doing that now with my adult media. Going back in and cut. You know when we first started editing some of this stuff it was all done in real time on tape machines, from reel to reel. We didn’t have the ability to create a dissolve in such a short time. We had a create a dissolve in the old days to actually weigh off media onto a third tape and kind of use a mixer to switch your dissolve, to create your dissolve. Today I can do it instantaneously on a computer. So I get to go back in and play with the old media. I think the internet is really the future in terms of making money for me. There has to be other ways in which we can continue to interact with people; stay human and contribute to the community that we all live in. That’s where the sex surrogacy thing comes in. Its really not a big money making practice, its still on the cusp of acceptability in the United States there are only two states where we can actually practice this without being in violation of any laws and that’s New York and California. So people come from all over the world to do intensive training with their surrogates in either California or New York State nowhere else. And that’s really very sad, there is a lot of people, I don’t mean like a few hundred, there are many, many people out there would greatly benefit from this service if only our society would only realize that its healthy and part of being a human being.

It was only fifty years ago that AMA and American Boy scout handbooks taught people that masturbation was harmful to their health.

DG: Well in a certain sense we’ve really come a long way but in another regard we’re still very jilted and cynical society in terms of what is morally acceptable and what is not.

LW: Well we’re big on ‘judge’. Poor people judge rich people. Old people judge young people. Rich people judge poor people, its across the board we all judge one another. In the Indian Hindu society they don’t teach judgment they teach acceptance in whatever it is that you do. Maybe if we got a little less judgmental and a little more community minded and loving in nature, we might have a better shot at things.

DG: Sounds like a very fulfilling ideology and I can see myself subscribing to something like that.

LW: Well I believe that happiness is something that you gain by giving it away. So if you can imagine how many people that I have been able to add pleasure to their lives and all the hundreds of thousands of videos that we’ve distributed over the years. I feel good about that. I feel like I’m in the karmic plus lane.

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