Since the dawn of adult entertainment few have made an impact of epic proportion like Luc Wylder. In an industry riddled with pre-conceived notions, incrimination and prejudice, Wylder’s efforts have always catered to a more sensual and free spirited audience. Shining through a vivid spectrum of roles from performer to director to producer, the father of Fallen Angel Productions has truly come full circle; provoking fantasy and enticing passion in erotic grandeur. It is with pride and pleasure I invite you to take: A Walk on the Wylde Side With Luc Wylder …  part II

DG: Who are some of your favorite starlets to work with? Is there anyone unchartered or unexplored you’d like to work with? Any come to mind that you’d just as easily rather forget?

LW: (laughs) You know what I’ve made it a point of enjoying every moment in this industry there are very few girls out there that I would tell you that man…I would rather forget the experience I had with them. So I don’t have any war stories of girls storming off set. We really were the good guys. We really did focus on making people comfortable. They never had any reason nor did they ever have any cause. Now did I have any favorites? Yeah I like this girl she worked with Digital Playground Riley Steele. I think she’s amazing I just love her. Of course I love Jenna Haze. I’ve known her since the moment she came into the industry. She used to date my camera man. I just love her. Sunny Leone, she’s pretty hot. Jessica Drake she really is our princess at this point. I think she is the hottest girl in porn. Do you like Jessica? Do you know Jessica Drake?

DG: Yes, yes I know her well.

LW: We shot her in internal affairs, which is an award winning cream pie series that I produced.

DG: Yes I’m aware of that series, yes.

LW: Yeah, she and Evan they were a couple at that point; did such an amazing scene for me I was just blown away. So if you ever get a moment and you’re so inspired check that video out. Jessica Drake before she had her boob job, before the industry turned her into the star that she is today. This was when she first walked through the door.

DG: Dually noted. I’ll definitely check that out.

LW: Wonderful.

DG: What kind of starlet is most in demand today? Is it still the big boobed? The blonde? The MILFs? Is it talent with actual acting ability? Perhaps it is those who transcend the most enthusiasm in their scenes?

LW: Well for me the enthusiasm was always the most aspect for me in a starlet. Today as compared to when I first came into the industry when a porn star walked into a room back in the early days, you immediately knew who she was. Because of breast augmentations, big hair, lots of make up, the porn star—you know typical hooker outfit. Today the girls are much more refined, much more natural, much more at ease with who they are and what they’re all about. So I’m often sitting in a room with girls today that are big stars and I don’t get that same sense of recognition who they have to be and all that. I think it’s a really positive thing. Do you follow what I’m trying to say?

DG: Sure they just don’t really seem to carry the same kind of stereotype that they were once before

LW: Yeah that’s part of it, but its almost like they don’t put on as much make up. They are not as desperate to be someone aside from who they really are.

DG: I guess there’s a lot more opportunity for them to show a natural side of themselves. I can see more of a trend in just the regular entertainment industry in itself for reality television, the more real the more appeal to a larger audience in itself.

LW: I think though in the sexual scenarios, really if you want to be authentic, if you want to really get to your audience, you have to have it in your heart ahead of time you can’t come in and—you can act your way through a lot of dialogue and scenes leading up to the sex. But if your heart isn’t in your work it shows through in your performance.

That was always really what I was looking for in girls. I shot so many, hot, hot young sexy starlets because I wasn’t just looking for the most beautiful girl. I was looking for the girl who inside was really driven to do this. You knew that they were naturals.

DG: Well they held a passion for it to. Essentially if you were just faking it kind of shows in the scene.

LW: Well its like Alexandra Silk, who is my lady today. She and I have a really wonderful and rich sexual lifestyle. She never got her breasts done and she always kept that natural appeal to her and throughout her entire career. And I applaud her for that. She, to me was always one of the hottest girls in the biz.

DG: Absolutely. And I think the necessity or the demand for a girl in the business who goes out and gets augmentations simply isn’t the same as it was even say ten years ago.

LW: Yeah there was a lot of pressure on girls back then. I have to tell you twenty years ago I was married to another star named Arianna. And Arianna started off as a stripper in New Jersey go-go bars. The week after she got her breasts done every night she made twice as much money as she ever made before. So she doubled her money when she went in and got breast augmentation and that was the mentality years ago. Today I think people have more of a realistic expectation and they’re a little less into the big boobs. I’ve never really liked them.

DG: I can definitely relate. We’ve just scratched the surface on genres of porn. Of course we have Gonzo, Cream pies, (which I know you’re personally intimate with) as well as teen volumes, MILF titles, Femme Dom among many others. What is the hottest theme in adult video right now?

LW: Well you know its funny we’ve come full circle to today. Fetish is what’s really hot on the internet. We’ve gone through all the genres of sex. We’ve been kind of hyper saturated with everything that’s been out there. And now as fetish is started to emerge particularly in HD I’m finding a lot of really talented people that are starting to come out. And fetish videos and internet sites that are out there really, really do them well. To tell you the truth its where my roots are in, that’s where I’m going to go back today.

DG: Porn has evolved with leaps and bounds. From the days of reel to reel projection to 8mm, from video to DVD then Blue Ray.—Video on Demand and of course internet content. Do you think Adult entertainment is too saturated on the net? What do you see as the next big medium or attraction?

LW: I think that there is a lot of information on the internet that doesn’t need to be there. Some of its porn, some of its other; I mean just because something that comes out on the internet does not mean that it in itself mean that its good. There’s a lot of trash out there. There is a lot of product that was created by people that really didn’t know what they were doing and its out there we all have to accept it but do I think that there is too much great porn on the internet? I think there’s never enough great porn on the internet. There’s a lot of it out there, yet there is some many different varieties, people’s tastes that we have to appeal to. One guy likes fat women, another guy likes skinny women. One guy likes men another guy likes women; all those people and everything in between need to be catered to and I don’t think anybody should be left out. So in new and exciting fetishes develop new and artistic, creative ways of appealing to that and it will always be out there. Its wonderful each tml file will have a whole new way of watching video on the internet where you won’t have to launch a third party player. Video will just play natively in your internet browser. You follow what I mean? So you won’t have to go onto you tube or to launch windows media player it will just play right in your browser. I think people are really going to start contributing on a lot of different levels.

DG: How does Fallen Angel differ from other studios and product available?

LW: Internal affairs our award winning cream pie series, those are the only videos we produced without condoms. They didn’t sell anymore than the one’s with condoms. So it’s kind of a weird scenario. But we’ve always tried to be sex positive with Fallen Angel. I mean we get crazy, we have fun. We shot a series at one point called Sex Across America where we ran all over the country shooting scenes around all the landmarks and things of that nature. It was always about having fun. Its about enjoying sex, teaching other people that it can be fun and open and just care free. And it still safe at the same time.

  • Kristi

    Yay for the second part of the interview! I liked the part about porn stars looking more natural now. I’m not a fan of boob jobs and all of that; I like to see people looking real.

    Thanks for the great interview, Dave. :-)

  • Dave

    Well thank you Kristi. I too am relieved to see more emphasis on au natural this day in age. As Luc had touched upon we are within the cusp of an era where it is not only acceptable to be yourself but there is a demand for it within the industry. Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion this Friday :D

  • Malin

    This interview is really greate. I like what i read of the porn industryi getting more natural.. I can agree that the internet is a good thing but also like Luc said it contains unessesry s*it…

    You are doing a really great job here Dave…:)

  • Monica Brown

    Great interview Dave! I agree that todays porn is definately more natural looking than say 20 years ago…and although I like the whole natural look I do have to say I still like the whole barbie looking image…maybe its just because thats the porn I first discovered growing up…but I do like the idea that its now acceptable to be a natural looking woman in the porn industry. Can’t wait to read more from you Dave! Keep up the great work!

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